Dealer’s Best Practice Tips

Hear the best practice tips and advice from an industry expert on tyre storage and handling. These very simple guidelines will help dealers keep their valuable stock ready to use.

Tyre Storage

This handy visual guide will serve as a convenient reminder for dealerships on the correct way to store tyres. Learn about the various ways to stack tyres and what environmental conditions should be avoided.   

Correct Inflation

The importance and benefits of correct tyre inflation is demonstrated through this wheelbarrow experiment. A wheelbarrow with a heavy load is easily pushed with properly inflated tyres. That same load becomes increasingly more difficult to control and manoeuvre if the tyres are under inflated.

If you feel something, have a look

Potholes are becoming an increasing issue across Europe, so taking care on the road and exercising safe and careful driving is essential. This video gives the tyre industry’s driving recommendations in order to avoid potential pothole damage.

Time to Replace

There are many factors that can determine when is is the right time to replace your tyres. Learn more about the tyre industry’s recommendations to ensure vehicle safety and maximize performance.

ETRMA Members

The ETRMA is the voice of the tyre industry in Europe, with a primary objective of representing the regulatory and related interests of manufacturers at European and international levels. The tyre industry in Europe is one of the most sophisticated in the world. Along with its members, the ETRMA is committed to reducing environmental impacts from tyres while ensuring high standards for safety-related performance. Here you can learn more about the ETRMA members and how a tyre goes from rubber to road.