The Spare Truth

The European tyre industry urges drivers not to take their spare wheel for granted and to check the integrity of the spare tyre or whatever extended mobility solution your vehicle is equipped with regularly. This video will tell you the truth about maintaining your spare tyre.

Consumers Guide to Checking Tyres

Every driver has a responsibility to visually inspect their tyres in order ensure safety and maximize your driving experience. Learn more about how you can visually inspect your tyres and what tools are needed to make for a more enjoyable and safe driving experience.

Correct Inflation

The importance and benefits of correct tyre inflation is demonstrated through this wheelbarrow experiment. A wheelbarrow with a heavy load is easily pushed with properly inflated tyres. That same load becomes increasingly more difficult to control and manoeuvre if the tyres are under inflated.

If you feel something, have a look

Potholes are becoming an increasing issue across Europe, so taking care on the road and exercising safe and careful driving is essential. This video gives the tyre industry’s driving recommendations in order to avoid potential pothole damage.